Springfield Adult Learning Center


1. Typing.com

Typing.com will teach you how to type without looking at the keyboard. This online keyboarding tutor includes lessons to increase the speed and accuracy of your typing. You can even work towards earning a free official typing certification. Make sure to create a user account, and to always log in every time you use Typing.com.


2. 500 Most Common English Words

Practice typing the 500 most common English words.

500 Most Common English Words

3. 100 Most Common English Verbs

Practice typing the 100 most common English verbs.

100 Most Common English Verbs

4. Web Addresses

Practice typing out common web addresses.

Web Addresses

5. English Pronouns

Practice typing out English pronouns.

English Pronouns

6. Computer & Internet Terms

Practice typing out computer and Internet-related terms.

Computer & Internet Terms